Tuesday, January 10, 2012

hands up !

haha..ni random post oke..so mmg no specific topic here..


ak sangat x suka org yg memperbodohkan diri dia sendiri....u know it..but u juz wanna make it fun???woa...so laughable 


sangat stress ngan exam nie...rase macam all the effort masa belajar since 1st week dulu...gone..like im not studying anything! but i really did...maybe it just a test for me..whether im strong or not..if im strong..did people around me strong and can accept me the way i am? im not even dare to think bout it...


my heart flutter so much time baca 1 blog nie...seriously..damn sweet..i did respect bot of u n including ur parents...cool~ ..n u r so lucky got a parents like that...:)


i do hope my last 2 cards...mr torts n mrs contract would give me a smile at least when i'm coming home..i dont want to make my parents disappointing ..ok???


nothing to write right now..oke..see ya..best of luck to u all...ok dah jom pergi study. tido...hujan nih....:DDD

notakaki: reda this quote..:)

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