Friday, October 18, 2013

kinabalu T,T

like seriously.. if i'm rich enough and not to care how much money i could spent to survive in my faculty..

i'm surely..

will go to kinabalu again..
i miss that place..
so much that i couldn't bear sometimes..
the panorama,
n someone i know..
is there..
i wish i had a money as much as i can..
so my wish may come true..

nak kahwin kat puncak kinabalu aci x?
i reallly...reallly, reallly  (100 x) love to be there.. (x bole pikir logik dah)

nasib buku2 byk gila nk kena beli sem ni...terpaksa aku korbankan duit yg ak nk g kinabalu beli buku.sobs T,T

i do wish to see this view again.. from the top of mount kinabalu~

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