Sunday, January 13, 2013

shout it out~

i wish i can shout it out to the people i know
to the entire world..
what exact im feel right now
to let them see what exactly happen to me..
to let them feel this unbearable feeling..

but, its pointless...coz all of them could not lend me a help at all..
they can just sit, hear n giving some small talk.
it is still me that need to endure every single thing..

Let me silent and continue this way..
so then my pride wouldn't hurt.
i can still put some smile 
even it takes lot of effort to crave it.
I still got somebody to lean on..
Its the Almighty , and i know it would be secret forever.

And as for need to be continue ,
no matter what.
it just my path would be different.
n i'm sure we may reach a same goal.

ps: I'm pretending to be okay , don't disturb my performance.

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