Monday, November 19, 2012


x semua org yg outspoken, outstanding , talkative and happy go lucky..
may share all her problem kan?

kadang2..kita nampak seperti tiada masalah..
nampak seperti segala masalah dicurahkan pada org lain..

tapi, sebenarnya..org2 mcm tu lg terer sembunyikan masalah dia dr org lain..
maybe u may share all her happy part..
all her gloomy part about work,friends..
but u never be able to touched about her really..really..really personal part..
u never know it..
coz what ..she's so brilliant to hide all of the saddest part..
n continue to make a life happily..

but deep down inside...she's been so gloomy..
in her own world..
coz it's pointless to share to other people... to cure the feelings..
share it..
yup..she might share it to Allah..
coz, DIA yg mendengar masalah tanpa penat..
DIA juga yg mampu membantu masalah terebut..

dan DIA jugak yg mampu memberikan kita ketenangan :)

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