Wednesday, August 22, 2012

introvert v extrovert


okay juz nk share my thought right now..its about me n study... semester would be my tough (not toughest yet) semester..
with a maximum credit (im the one that would maximise it)
need to be patient n wise to arrange my timetable...

so i need to be introvert person..haha
i couldn't join a lot..lot..lot of sispa activity..
don't want to hold any post (depends)
would like to spend my life with friends at faculty
n sometimes join the activity to release a stress..
bubye extrovert life..
n i'm sorry junior if you might not knowing me..haha (perasan)
maybe i will entertain u all if korang meet me first..
bkn nk jd senior kejam taw..
juz ke busy an yg x mengizinkan..haha..

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